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Ed Friedman, PhD

Co-Founder, Chief Scientific Officer

After 17+ years of research, Dr. Friedman has become one of the world's experts in hormones and hormone receptors (here)

  • Published (a) 2 peer-reviewed articles, (b) 10 letters to the editor, and (c) 2 non-reviewed articles

  • Wrote the book: “The New Testosterone Treatment: How You and Your Doctor Can Fight Breast Cancer, Prostate Cancer, and Alzheimer's” (Prometheus Books, 2013)

  • Spoke at several medical conferences and radio shows: (a) BioTE, (b) Hormone Treatment Centers of America, (c) “Meet the Experts” hosted by Dr. Paul Savage, and (d) Dr. Elizabeth Triana’s radio show


  • Ph.D. in Biophysics and Theoretical Biology from the University of Chicago

  • B.A. in Biology from Brown University

Ed Friedman Headshot.png
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